Prints and photocopies in Milan

The Bellini Luigi Photocopier is a center for printing and photocopying, in Milan. At the store of via Savona you can make a minimum number of copies at the same time, services of small, medium and large prints. The Milan printing center works on molding all types of sizes, even large and pre-spaced. Prints can also be made on a variety of media such as various grammatical papers, PVC stickers and more. The catalog is completed with the printing of technical plates, planets, banners, posters, stickers and panels.

Photocopy service

Copier Bellini Luigi guarantees an exclusive service for printing and photocopying, in Milan. This is the "Photocopy Service", thanks to which the copisteria of Milan is always at the disposal of its customers, with speed, and especially punctual delivery. The moment when the order is withdrawn is a very important point for the study activities of undergraduates and students, needing to receive their texts in time to support the tests. Take Via Savona, 80 and ask for a photocopy service in Milan.

Printing on fabric

Copier Bellini Luigi, as well as printing and photocopying, in Milan, offers an exclusive exclusive service tailored to the customer's needs. Just to unleash the imagination of its customers, Bellini is able to create different types of printing, writing and graphics, on fabric: hats, sports uniforms, pillows, cloth bags, costumes, shirts, sweatshirts, etc. The fabric printing service is highly demanded by sports, professional and amateur groups, for the realization of their own uniforms; or from companies that need to "brand" their clothing.
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