Classic and custom stamps

If you are looking for a company that specialises in making custom rubber stamps then contact Copisteria Bellini. We have the latest in graphics and printing technology.
We are based in Milan, near Porta Genova, and are known for the wide variety of stamps we can produce, ideal for the needs of both businesses and private individuals.
Choose from a wide range of solutions that suit any requirement, with the option of a 24-hour turnaround. We guarantee a high-quality product that is fully customised to your desires.
We produce stamps of various shapes, types, and sizes:

  • self-inking or manual,
  • with metal or wood structure,
  • for sealing wax, and more...

We sell date stamps, accessories and inks.

Express Stamps

Copisteria Bellini uses the latest technologies that allow us to produce fully customised stamps within a single day (24 hours), guaranteeing a tailored product.

Stamps with bitmap images
We can produce self-inking stamps in a day (24 hours) that can be customised with non-vector logos and images.

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