Photocopies and binding in Milan

Bellini Luigi offers photocopy services in Milan, a landmark for university students and various other clients. In fact, many graduates come to our shop, located in via Savona, to make copies of university lecture notes. One of the specialties among the services we offer in Milan is the "Thesis Service", which includes character formatting and printing, page layout, binding (page assembly) and the provision of hardcovers, available in various materials, including high quality materials. For affordable prices and availability, come and visit us in via Savona, Milan, for all the information you need to get started.

The importance of binding

Binding is a very important service, not only for adding the final touches to graduate theses, but also for those students who have the desire to study, but have to do so "economically". Binding a university textbook is a great savings solution compared to the more expensive option of buying a book. Come and visit us in via Savona to start saving on your university studies!

Bellini, more than just a copying service in Milan

In addition to a classic photocopying service, Bellini Luigi, situated in Milan, offers various additional services ranging from selling gift items to school supplies, sending and receiving faxes and e-mails; scanning and saving files on various media formats; printing of adhesive labels in various formats; exhibition of school material, office and gift apparel; printing on fabrics, selective cuts, twists and trimmings, greeting cards and so much more.
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