Timbri classici e personalizzati

If you are looking for a company specializing in stamp makingand personalization, you can contact the Bellini Photocopier with all the most innovative printing and graphics technologies.
The company located in Milan, Porta Genova area, is well-known for its various timbre services tailored to the needs of both companies and private individuals.
It is possible to choose from a wide range of solutions to meet every need even in 24 hours; guaranteeing a high level finished product, fully customized to the needs of the customer.
There are stamps of various shapes, typologies and sizes:

  • autoinchiostranti or manuali,
  • with metal, plastic or wood support,
  • for wax and much more ..

It sells data, accessories and inks.

      Timbro Express

At Bellini's Photocopier, using new technologies, you can create fully customized timbre stamps (24-hour stamps), guaranteeing a tailor-made article.
Stamps of non-vector images 
It is possible to make self-inking stamps completely customized with non-vector images and logos.

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