Classic and personalized stamps, in Milan

Bellini Luigi is a shop in Milan that specializes in selling classic and personalized stamps. Thanks to innovative techniques and printing and visual design technologies, the Milan-based copier guarantees a product that will satisfy the needs of the client. The name Bellini is synonymous with tailored service and is the ideal supplier of stamps for private individuals or more structured businesses. The Milan print shop produces stamps with a base of plastic, metal or wood, depending on the client's selection. Manual or self-inking versions are also available.

Express Stamps in 24 Hours

In addition to creating classic and personalized stamps, Bellini Luigi, in Milan, has a another unique service. It is an express service that will deliver within 24 hours, based on the stamp specifications provided by the client. Businesses, individuals, and anyone who wants to "pamper" their business, will have the luxury of being able to use their own custom stamp within a day. Don't hesitate, phone now and make an appointment at Via Savona, 80, Milan.

Non-vector image stamps

Bellini Luigi offers many options for customizing stamps, and among them there is the option of self-inking stamps, finished off with non-vector images and logos, creating very high-quality graphics. To order the classic and custom stamp services in Milan, please fill in the contact form immediately and make an appointment.
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