Thesis Services

Printing and binding of dissertations

Copisteria Bellini, based in Milan's fashion and design quarter between Via Tortona and Via Savona, has been a reliable partner for undergraduates: we can print your thesis as well as perform all the related services, making us a benchmark for Milan's students. We can perform everything from typing to pagination, through to printing and binding.
The composition of the dissertation is the first step in producing the final deliverable: after the writing, it is also crucial to take care of its presentation and produce a visually beautiful result in line with the characteristics of the university where the dissertation will be discussed.
Printing the dissertation
We have a range of facilities that allow us to provide a precision dissertation service: printing is quick, without compromising quality; all using the best paper according to the customer's needs..

Bindings can be in fabric, leather, Alcantara, etc.

Copisteria Bellini services end with the execution of the final binding. Here, you can choose from a wide range of bindings in fabric, leather, Alcantara, laminated covers, etc., all in various colours.

The printed size of the projects can changed from A4 to any required format. We can also provide additional printed copies, each bound in different ways.

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